Serial Parts

You are seeking a competent and reliable partner for a new development or outsourcing of production of your punching and stamping parts?
Eberhardt produces sheet-metal parts with hydraulic or mechanical presses up to a press force of 500 t in a wide range of different designs and sizes. We process sheet metal in the range of 0,6 to 4 (6) mm thickness, out of aluminum, steel or stainless steel. Our customers who appreciate our flexibility are primarily in the automotive and engineering industries.
Through high integration of subsequent production processes in the progressive die technique we find the most suitable low-cost solutions and a maximum process stability for the production of your serial parts.
In the serial process our tools already provide press-in operations of screws and nuts or the forming of threads. In following production steps your serial parts can be completed by resistance welding, robot WIG and MAG welding and automatic assembly machines. For the surface finish we provide all common coating and painting processes with long-standing cooperation partners.
The therefore required tools, jigs and gauges can be planned, designed and manufactured in our in-house tool making facility.


Pre-Serial Parts

Before series production can start you need sample and prototype parts.
Together with our clients, Eberhardt will develop an optimal solution according to your specifications and wishes. Therefore we can take over the development of components with generating 3D data and 2D drawings in common data formats. In accordance with the requested quantity of sample parts, first parts are made as laser cut edge parts or complete out of die by manual production. Due to the high precision of those pre-serial parts, made with the original material and surface coating we can gain experience for the later end product. So we can start serial production with established findings including a production related part optimization in order to reduce costs.